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StrixIT specializes in web development and has created the open source Strix web application platform. Check it out by downloading the application and reading the installation instructions, then find what you need to know in the manual.

Strix Platform

The StrixIT Web Application platform is an open source platform designed to help developers build rich web applications powered by .NET and JavaScript.

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Membership and CMS

19 July 2015

I have just completed creating repositories on GitHub for the Membership and Content Management modules. These offer a lot of functionality, some of which isn't quite done yet. I'll write about what these modules offer and what's still missing in the future, and I would welcome help in developing them further. The CMS module is definitely worth checking out, as it contains hard-to-develop functionality like versioning and translating content. It allows you to create a website with little or no server-side coding as well, using custom pages and content widgets.

Rutger Schurgers

Rutger Schurgers

Rutger is an all-round software developer specializing in web application development using .NET and JavaScript  frameworks such as AngularJS.